13 August 2007

can you help us?

Hi. We're asking your help: on august 11 we suddenly had something like 5000 visits from a website who linked us. Due to problems, we can't see which website was.

So, if you were one of those 5000 and came to us through a popular site (considering the amount of visits must be a big webzine or newspaper, a famous blog, and so on...) please leave a comment to help us.

We're curious to know, and we would like to thank whoever was.




Anonymous said...


nr said...

it's not galadarling.com, she posted about us only today.

thanks anyway :)

Anonymous said...


nr said...

mmhnope, it's been a while linked in wikipedia.

Anonymous said...

Found you via "Wikipedia.com", under the search "new rave".

City Riot said...

find you through my space
i love this blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you do a search on www.technorati.com type in your web ad you will come up with all the outside links to your blog
Good luck with it, hope this helps!!
Congrats on the hits!

Anonymous said...

Well you added me, I'm sure it was everyone you added and those people showed their friends, because it is a pretty nifty blog, It all happened on the 11th because that was a saturday, hours upon hours to myspace.

Nita said...

i also think is myspace.i always come here through a bulletin.

Anonymous said...

what about the debaser blog?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

seriously ... this new rave stuff is ridiculous ...

grow up the lot of you mongs

Anonymous said...

what ever kid.
live with a open mind
you dont like it,
keep it to yourself.

i found this blog through google.
coz im looking up brand names
im trying to break into everything
but all the names i want are taken

Tommie Wintoure