9 January 2008

shoes: alife puma

neon puma:
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Henna said...

omg. i love those shoes! i hope those will sell finland too.

btw, your blog is awesome! =)

Max said...

gorgeous!! i want them.

Helm77 said...

Du hast nen echt koolen Blog, hier werde ich noch desöfteren vorbeischauen, gut dass du nen Komment auf meinem Blog gelassen hast...wahrscheinlich vwerde ich dich sogar verlinken. Wäre übrigens ne gute Hilfe, wenn du bei deinen Entdeckungen dazuschreiben würdest, welceh Firmen/Marken/Shops auch nach Deutschland liefern.

wear palettes said...

in english?

Berrson said...

I want those shoes so much!
is it possible to buy them online?
cus I dont think theyre out in swedish shops.

Anonymous said...

Urmm... whered you get these from..
and how much?
there proper nice.
im on about the black puma shoes.
email me please?

Anonymous said...

omg i love them!!!
is there a way you can buy them?
email me:

Anonymous said...

wooooooow i love that $hit
the black one with the green nd blue
is there a way you can buy them?
PLEASE email me: